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Our Partner Program

Our partner program has been carefully crafted to help businesses make the most of competitive pricing, while providing their customers with top-notch products. Our state-of-the art offer is tailored for companies looking to increase their profitability while delivering top quality products with superior service — a winning combination in today's market.

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What We Offer


Capabilities for cross-border delivery between both Western Malaysia & Singapore


Fast supply chain lead times & competitive prices


Largest available stockpile in Singapore


Own delivery fleet to deliver from Malaysia without additional charges


Fast lead time for both Singapore & Malaysia deliveries


Physical Quality Control (QC) for every pieces of product before delivery


Sales Catalogues

Panel Samples

Smooth Installations for Your Customers



Loyalty Programs

Marketing Promotion Collaterals

Our Partner Benefits

  • Designer & Architect Rewards Programme 2023 (Singapore Only)

  • 01/01/23 to 31/12/2023

  • Earn $20 in Cash for every $2,000 worth of orders made through Forté Reno Supplies Singapore.

  • Applies for both Supply only & Supply + Install orders

  • The more you order, the more you receive

  • Accumulated Cash will be delivered to you physically before 01/02/2024

Our Rewards

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