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Redefining Living Spaces

Elevate your design with Forté PanelClad, innovative wall cladding panels that bring modern elegance and creative potential to interior spaces. Ideal for transforming your projects.

Seamless Joint Series

  • Dimensions: 600mm x 3000mm x 8mm (Per Piece)

    Series: Forté PanelClad Seamless Joint (PCS)

  • Introducing the Forté PanelClad Seamless Joint Series, a sophisticated addition to our product range. Available in four premium wood grain colours, they seamlessly complement your existing slat panels, offering a harmonious combination. It creates an uninterrupted visual flow; seam lines vanish when these panels join, ensuring a flawless surface. For added creativity and diversity, explore dedicated coloured aluminium trimmings, available in various colours and with optional integrated LED lighting.


    Ideal for foyers, walkways, reception backdrops, and commercial spaces, the PanelClad Seamless Joint Series unlocks new design possibilities.

 Aluminium Trimmings

  • Dimensions: Refer to E-Catalogue / product sample for details

    Series: Aluminium Trimmings

  • Enhance the design by incorporating dedicated colored aluminum trimmings between the panels to create captivating asymmetrical patterns. 

Premium Black Fluted Panels

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  • Dimensions: 25mm H x 155mm W x 3,000mm L (Per Panel)
    Series: FP25
    Body: Wood Plastic Composite
    Surface: Film Lamination

  • Fluted panels bring a touch of nature indoors with their elegant and calming appearance. Offering the look and feel of real wood, these engineered composites are water resistant, termite-proof and mould repellent — making them an eco-friendly choice for any home or office decor style.


    With natural earth tones to soothe the eye, fluted walls can add texture as well as create depth while also providing waterproof protection that stands against outdoor elements.